How to Choose a Guardian for your Child when Writing a will

It is important to think long and hard when choosing a guardian for your child when you write your will.  He or she will take your role and can make all the difference to your child should a tragedy occur.  Consider the following points.

Is the person responsible?

You will want someone responsible to care for your child.  They will have to look after them well and stay on top of them.  They should not ignore or neglect them.  They should not just leave them at home if they are too young.  They need to be sure to feed them properly as well as provide clothing, shelter and everything else.  They will need to make sure that the child is doing well in school and be aware of if the child starts to get into any trouble.  Remember that the child will be dealing with a difficult time and might have difficulty or act out.  Can the adult handle that?

Will the guardian be able to give love and affection to the child?

As much as possible, you will want to find someone who can provide love to your child.  Your child will feel a huge loss and will need someone there.  He or she will want to feel cared for and loved.  They might need someone to hold them as they cry.

Does the person want to do it?

You will want to find someone who wants to do it.  Taking care of a child is a lot of work and it can transform your entire life.  You do not want to foist it on someone (unless you have no choice because there is no one else).  They may not take as good care of the child if they resent them.

Does the child like the person?

You want your child to be happy wit the other person.  It is good if they can already have a relationship and love for the person. 

For some people the choice of a guardian will be obvious.  You may want to first think of very close relatives such as a sister or a brother.  You might also consider parents, but you will also want to consider the age of the person.  Even if your mother would be great taking care of your 3 year old now when she is 65, what will happen in ten years when your mother is 75 and your child is 13?  You will want to ask the person beforehand to get their take.  You might also want to designate a second person if the first can’t or won’t when it actually happens. 

It is important to choose wisely when picking out a guardian.  Use the above criteria to help you find someone to fill this position.