How to Compare Insurance Quotes

Finding suitable insurance at a reasonable price is a headache – so many companies and different types of policies and cover. And sometimes it’s like getting blood out of a stone getting a straight answer from an insurance agent. However, there are ways for you to obtain what you need from your insurance provider. 

Make sure that you do your research before you make any decisions. There are plenty of website comparison sites out there that will do all the groundwork for you. Once you’ve got a few quotes that, on the surface, you like the sound of ask around your friends and family to find out if they use any of the companies on your list and how they have found dealing with them.  And ask if they can recommend any specific providers. Word of mouth is an invaluable resource.

 If you find a provider that’s offering you what seems like a very good deal, and they are not an organisation that you are familiar with, Google them and search for more information.  If a deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is!  You need to check out what other customers are saying about them before you part with your hard earned cash. Check that they payout on claims and that they have a history of good customer service.

When you are speaking with agents ask a lot of questions. Have a standard list questions that you want to ask before speaking with the agents so you don’t forget what you want to find out. Write down the answers you get so that you can compare them.

Never buy a policy from an agent who is putting pressure on you to make a decision there and then. Agents work on commission – the more you pay the more they get in their pay packet! You need to find a provider who asks questions and finds out what your specific requirements are. If you’re not getting what you need continue your search until you find someone you are happy with – don’t forget these are the same people that you will have to deal with if you make a claim!

Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget that your incumbent provider may not offer you the best deal available when your policy comes up for renewal. Many companies offer their best deals to new customers and then push the premiums up in subsequent years. So if you’ve received a cracking deal with a new insurer the chances are that your premium will be considerably higher next year regardless of whether you’ve made any claims or not!