How to Create a Personal Budget Worksheet

Setting up a budget worksheet is actually fairly straightforward. You will need to have an appropriate software package, such as Excel or OpenOffice’sCalc. Calc is a freeware package, that is recommended. With the Calc spreadsheet, follow these guidelines.

To begin with, it is important to note the overall layout of a budget beforehand. Budgets are sheets that include a number of monthly columns for expenses. These can be just one month, or alternatively all 12 months. Then, an additional column is included on the far left of the worksheet where expenses various expenses can be added. How many you include here is optional, but add at least 10 rows for these. At the bottom of each monthly column, there is a monthly total row which adds the expenses for the month.

Overall, such a layout would make for a simple personal budget. When you begin the worksheet, first consider adding a title of some description. The title could be: Budget 2010 which would be appropriate. In Calc, type this into a cell near the top of the worksheet and then right click the cell to expand the size of the title font.

Below this title you can add the various column headings first. Then, you can add row headings after this. These should be formatted, with bold text and perhaps slightly larger fonts also. Select the cells to be formatted, then right-click and edit the formatting appropriately.

From here, you can then add the functions. Really, this will only include the sum function for the monthly totals. Select one of the bottom cells and then the SUM option which is like an E on the function toolbar. From here, select the range of cells to be added then okay. You can then drag and copy this sum over to the other monthly total cells.

Further sheet formatting can also include borders for the budget. Borders can be added by right-clicking the appropriate range of cells, and then selecting format and the border option. Use cell borders below the column headings and above the monthly total row. In addition, also add a notable border on the right side of the first column.

With this, you have a simple budget worksheet. Enter some dummy figures into the monthly columns to check the arithmetic of the worksheet. Hopefully, this will be okay. If so, you can then save the worksheet and enter further realistic figures to the budget worksheet.