How to Create a Secure Pin Number that is Easy to Remember keep the same Pin Number Important Date

A secure PIN number that is easy to remember can definitely go a long way. Not only will it ensure that you will never forget it, but it will also save you from the trouble of having to notify the Customer Service Department in case your card is withheld by the ATM after three failed attempts.

How to create a secure PIN number that is easy to remember

Pairs of numbers that are repeated

The best way to remember something is to come up with something easy. Think of an easy combination for your PIN number, something that you will never forget. Repetition is especially helpful for memory boost, so a good idea is to put that into practice. Try something like 2525, 1212 or 3434 .Pairs of numbers that are repeated are very easy to remember.

Think of an important date not directly associated with you

Another idea is to think of an important date to use for your PIN number. Be careful though: This date should not be directly associated with you, as this will make it awfully easy for a thief to put 2 and 2 together. In that sense, using your own birth date is not a good option when you carry with you your student ID, passport, or library card, where your birth date is also  visible. You will essentially give the thief all the information he wants on a silver platter. Try a date not directly associated with you, such as the birth of one of your children, your husband’s birth date, or even the date your husband and you met.

Opt for something too easy

If you choose something too easy, what you will actually accomplish is killing two birds with one stone. Not only will you always remember it, but since no thief will ever think that you tried something so easy, he will not even think of trying it. In that sense, a  PIN number like 6789 is a good choice.

Keep the same PIN number for everything

As many people tend to use  a different PIN number for every card they use, it is only natural to eventually get confused or forget all about them. Keeping the same PIN number for everything will make things more simple and easy for you, as it will seriously eliminate any chance of confusion or memory loss.

Keep mental notes

Never write your PIN number in a piece of paper. Never include it in your cell phone. It will only take a few minutes for most thieves to figure it out, as they know very well where and what to look for. Memorize your PIN number and never share it with anyone. In the event of theft or loss, if it is proven that your PIN number was actually accessible to a third party, the chances of getting your money back are zero.

Following the above tips will help you create a secure PIN number that is easy to remember for life.