How to Cut Automotive Costs as a Retiree

Cutting costs seems to be a way of life for most seniors, and when it comes to cutting costs on a automobile, there are a few ways to do so. Seniors have many perks that are offered that can make a difference in the cost of operating a vehicle. The problem is that many do not know about these perks, and unless they do a little research into what is available, they continue to waste money by not getting the full benefit of being a senior.

At first, I was reluctant to take advantage of what is offered to seniors. Perhaps it hurt my ego to think I was at an age that as a younger man, I would consider very old. Well, now that I’m a senior, I don’t think like one, and I never thought I would ever get there. But as I say, it does have a lot of benefits. Just like children. We get breaks for all kinds of stuff.

Since seniors get big discounts, and in my area, we ride the bus for free, and only pay a dollar to take the train. This is one sure way to beat the high cost of owning an automobile.

Also by not driving for more than 5000 miles in many instances, will excuse you from getting your car tested for emissions if your state requires it.
This will also help in reducing your insurance premium.

If you’re one of those who hold on to a car because it became a family member, you can look into getting antique tags for your car if it’s 25 years old. I say this because if you do take public transportation as it’s almost free, you would only need your car for occasional use, and by getting antique tags, you save big time on insurance, and inspections.  All you do is pay a one time registration fee, and just pay your annual insurance premium, which can be a fraction of what you pay now.

Keep the fluids in your car fresh and filled, as they are what keep your car from failing prematurely, and thereby costing extra bucks for unneeded repairs.
When driving, look way ahead to see if there is a green light or a red light. If it’s red, slow down a distance before the light so as to coast to it and regain speed as it changes to green. This saves on gas and brakes as well.

Unless on a highway, open windows instead of using the air conditioner, as it will help save gas as well. These are just a few tips I know that work, and it should for you as well. Here’s to cutting costs.