How to Cut Back your Phone Bill

Many families are looking for ways to cut back on their bills, and with the economic climate not being very good for many people, saving in any way possible is beneficial. One area you may be able to cut back on is your phone bill.

It is often the case that once you sign up with a phone service you stick with it and don’t really consider whether you could save any additional money in that area. But there are ways to cut back those phone bills with a little research and evaluation of what you really need and don’t need.

When it comes to land lines is your land line included as part of a package or is it billed separately? One way to save is to include your land line in a bundle of other services. If you currently have an Internet connection and you are paying for that separately along with a TV cable service and these services are all spread across different providers, then you may need to do some research into service providers that offer all three services bundled together for one price.

“Bundles” are often less expensive than if you have two or three services that you are paying for separately. This may require you stitching services on one or two things but the savings will be worth it even if you don’t get exactly what you had before. You may have to make some small compromises like getting 10 fewer channels with the new bundled package, but your wallet will thank you. Make sure you compare several different service providers to see where you will get the best deal. Many companies offer incentives for switching over like one month free or a discounted price for several months.

In addition to cutting back your land line, look into what you are paying for your cell phone. More than likely there are ways that you cut back on this bill as well. How many minutes and text messages are you paying for? What kind of data package do you have? Evaluate whether you can cut back on any of these. It may seem like a huge sacrifice, but the difference between sending 100 extra text messages a month is not really that great when you really think about it. And again, if you want to save money, then you are going to have to make some sacrifices. 

If you feel you absolutely cannot cut back on your minutes or data plan, then another option is to check with your current company and see if they offer any discounts or if they are running any promotions. Most companies are wiling to work with you if they feel they are going to lose your business. But, if you don’t call and talk to a representative you may never know about a special they are running. The company representatives may be able to suggest ways to save that you had not thought of, or programs and discounts that you were not aware of. It is worth the time waiting on hold to talk to a representative to see what they can do for you.