How to Determine if you should do your Taxes at Hr Block

Have you ever had a stalker? I would not want to be mistaken for a one upper, but I have an entire company stalking me. The company is H and R Block. A few years ago I went to H and R Block to get my taxes all taken care of by a professional company. It was quick and only took about 15 minutes. My taxes were done properly and when they were all finished up, they told me they would send the bill in a few days. I shook hands with the person who did the taxes and left. A few days later I received the bill so I went and in and paid it in person. The weird thing is that I kept my receipt. It’s probably the only receipt that I have ever kept. And good thing I did keep it, too.

The next year I decided to go a different route to get my taxes filed. I don’t know if H and R Block was jealous that I wasn’t using their services or what, but soon after I filed my taxes I received a letter from H and R Block saying that I never paid for services rendered the previous year. Man I hate it when companies mess up and do stuff like this. But it’s one of those things that happen, so I went back in to H and R Block and showed them the receipt that I had fortunately kept. They looked it over and told me that they would take care of it and I would not have to worry about it ever again.

NOPE! The very next year at tax time, I once again receive a letter from, no, not H and R Block, but the collection agency that they had turned me into. They again had said that I failed to pay my bill from two years before. I could hardly see through the rage I was feeling. Are you stinking kidding me? I went in that place twice to prove that I had paid them and they just wont get the hint. I have never had a stalker before. I didn’t know if this was just what stalkers do or what, but I will tell you it’s really irritating. Circumstances would not permit me to go in to show them that I had paid them already, again, so my mom went in to show them for me. Now, my mother is probably the sweetest person on the planet. But she was going to give them a piece of her mind for me. Once again they said they were sorry for the mistake and would make sure that it would never happen again.

NOPE! Now here we are in the present day. Just a few days ago I finished my taxes and here it came, another letter. This time it came from some fancy-pants attorney H and R Block had hired to get the money from me that I had already paid. In the letter from the attorney, it says that they would be willing to settle for about $30.00 less than what the original bill was for. The bill is only about $130.00, but right about now I would be willing to pay several hundred bucks to pay for a flight to the CEO’s or the president of the company’s house. And when I got there, I would love to take that receipt and staple it to that person’s face so that every time they looked in the mirror they would see that Corey Widdison had already paid for the services rendered. AARGH!

Thank you for letting me rant. I feel much better. But seriously, if any of you have had a stalker, how do you get them away from you? Do I need to get a restraining order for the entire company of H and R Block? Now I’m sure that mistakes like this happen, but when they happen over and over, it makes you a little crazy.

However, on a happy note, I have never had a problem with Turbo Tax.