How to Dispute or Correct Information in a Credit File

Disputing information on your credit is not as hard or as complicated as most people think it is. We all think oh my goodness I have to deal with the credit bureau. First thing that needs to be done is you must request your credit reports from all three credit bureaus to see what exactly is affecting your credit. After you see what is holding you back, anything that is old are you have know idea what it is needs to be disputed.

You can dispute on-line, and give a reason why you are disputing. Only claim fraudulent if you are sure that this is not something that you have done. The credit bureaus will get in touch with the companies that you are disputing, if they don’t respond back within thirty days that will be deleted from your credit. You must understand that some of those companies no longer exist so you know that they will not respond. No response it is deleted from your reports.

After all disputed info are removed from your credit you will receive a new credit report. I must warn you that if most of your info you claimed fraudulent, then the credit bureaus will but a six month fraud alert which makes it kind of hard, because every time that you apply for something, companies are not able to get info that they may need to approve are deny your application.