How to Double Investments in a Month

Here is on sure-fire way to double your investments in 30 days or less. Please pay attention. If you have $1000 worth of Disney stocks right now, you can call your broker and tell him or her you would like to make another $1000 investment in the company. The result will be twice as much (in current value) as you started with. If that’s not funny enough for you, please read on.

Let me apologize for the wise-crack and say that I had a good reason for stating it. First of all, such a “dream investment” is not likely to take place in the stock market (although it has happened on rare occasions with penny stocks).

The concept of investing always involves “perceived value” – otherwise known as the market value. Let’s put this in simpler terms: if you purchase a car or a piece of furniture for one price and try to sell it for a higher price, the new value is strictly going to be what the buyer is willing to pay for it. The example I just presented contains a clue of how an investment can actually be increased by 100% in a month’s time.

Let us now create a scenario, using the easiest of the two examples. Anyone with imagination and a little bit of skill can buy a small table or chair that needs some repair work. If purchased at a garage sale, the cost is almost guaranteed to be at a steep discount to it’s orignial value.

Assuming it takes about a week to find spare parts and finishing materials, the item can be restored to its original condition. Considering the purchase price and the cost of materials alone, the investment would be reap a generous return, much greater than the original outlay. In terms of dollars, this exercise can be initiated with an investment of $20 or less. Visualizing the selling price would not take much imagination.

Both of my examples were deliberately juxtaposed to show that doubling the value of an investment is not a simple task, especially the latter, which generally requires an extraordinary amount of motivation, and expertise.