How to Drastically Cut your Phone Bill Sprint Phone Owners

In today’s world it seems that having a phone is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. They are used every day to get in touch with friends, family and relatives that are miles away, via the Internet. All this comes at a cost, usually a pretty expensive cost depending on your carrier. Well there is some good news for you if happen to have a Sprint cell phone: there is a new online phone retailer that is called Ting. Ting is a company that only charges users for what they use and they have no sort of fees whatsoever.

Here is an example. Say that this month you use 400 minutes, you will be charged $6 for having the phone activated + $9 for 500 minutes + if you used less than 100 texts this month which comes at $3 a month, your final bill for this month would be $17! By signing up as a new user you get $25 free off your first month’s bill, so in reality if you don’t go over $25 a month you get your first month absolutely free and part of the second month for free. After that you would only pay a fraction of what you probably paid with other carriers.

Now Ting isn’t for everybody. If you are a huge user of your phone and you text, use the Internet and call a lot, then you should probably stick with your unlimited plan. However, most people have unlimited plans and they hardly even use their phone! Ting also provides Internet for your phone at a certain price, and included in the price is a free Hot spot feature, if your phone allows it. Also it comes with free 4G and 4G LTE if your phone supports it. These are all great to have for no additional costs.

Internet comes in at different price points as well. The first plan is for 100 MB for $3 a month, and then you can get more data for more money. The best part about Ting, though, is that it is extremely flexible. You really aren’t choosing a plan. If you chose the 500 minute plan, but this month you only used 80 minutes, then Ting will automatically bring down your plan to reduce your bill! This runs across the whole platform of text, web, and calls. This is a company that is highly recommended. Simply go to to discover it for yourself. You will be glad that you did! Get started with $25 for free by visiting via this link

By the way, you can always buy a ting phone, but it is recommended to bring your own from Sprint for even more savings! Have fun and enjoy!