How to Earn Money from Hyips

This article contains some practical advice for successful HYIP playing. If you want to make some money from HYIPs, I assure you it is worth reading.

As you know, HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. Supposedly, the online HYIPs owners/administrators are market experts who generate big profits by taking our money deposits and trading foreign exchange (Forex), investing in bonds, stocks etc. (Note: Real Forex trading through brokers is indeed one of the few serious online money-making opportunities). However, it is more or less confirmed that 99% of them are not involved at all in these activities and sooner, later or even much later they are going to scam the investors, run with the money, and open a new HYIP. Besides, even if the HYIPs are really involved in Forex, stocks, precious metal trading etc (the remaining 1%) there would also be a high level of risk in this volatile market.

This does not mean that we can’t make money out of HYIPs while they are still online, running and paying. We have to accept the fact that the HYIP players (not really “investors”) are essentially gambling most of the time. Yes, you can make money but you can also lose very easily. So, never spend in HYIPs more than you can afford to lose.

If you think that you’ll make money just by depositing to an HYIP that simply looks good to you and offers high returns, you’re dead wrong. Successful HYIP playing is something that demands study, research, planning and a bit of luck.

Start by looking at the HYIP monitors. A good place to search is There you can check the status of a certain HYIP at many monitors in just one page. However, have always in mind that some HYIPs owners bribe some monitors in order to promote their programs and show them as “Paying”; others make selective payouts, with monitors included in these payouts of course, so that they do not lose their “Paying” status. Do not get fooled if a HYIP is listed in “premium” class. Most of the times, it means nothing except the fact that the owner of the HYIP in question paid higher fees to the owner of the monitor in order to have his program listed as “premium”; it is not an indication that this HYIP is more reliable or going to last longer. Among the few good monitors is Goldpoll.

Continue by searching in forums, like In forums beware of fake votes made by paid posters/promoters. They use the same, more or less, wording in their posts just praising the HYIP and/or the admin but without giving any details such as dates of the alleged payment and transaction numbers (batch & account numbers); this does not mean though that every such post is fake. Also, in forums ignore the HYIPs that have “I was paid” posts only from members who at the same time own a monitor. You can recognize these members easily from their forum signature where their monitor is being advertised. Choose HYIPs that have “I was paid” posts mainly from simple forum members, old ones and newbies alike.

Make a simple Google search adding the word ‘scam’ after the name of the HYIP in question. You can also conduct a search by using or or to find domain registration details as well as other useful information. For example, you can find out if the HYIP is online for as long as the owner claims, if the website is DDoS protected, hosted on a dedicated server etc.

Check the HYIP’s IP address in or It might look suspicious if the HYIP in question has the same IP address with other, older or not, HYIPs that are known scams – although this is not necessarily alarming. If the HYIP has a “clean” and not shared IP address it is a good sign. Check for the amount of traffic received by a specific HYIP and examine its current trends in terms of rising or declining popularity.

Check the HYIP’s website itself. Is it original and professionally designed, with DDoS protection, or does it have a cheap insecure script, almost identical to what you have seen in many other HYIPs? Is it hosted on a dedicated server or not? Stay away from HYIPs on free web hosting. Does it have a functioning, updated “Rate Us” page with a few trusted monitors? Is the FAQ section vague and copied-pasted from other sites or is it customized, well-written and clear? Are there any paid advertisements and promotion of the HYIP in question in various forums and related sites? Is there any contact information, physical address and telephone? Can it be verified? Do not be easily impressed by ‘certificates’ and ‘licences’ that many HYIPs present; they don’t mean much and – even if they are real – can be sometimes obtained just for the right price. Finally, is the HYIP’s Admin responsive to queries or online support available? In short, the more money/effort an Admin has spent in order to set the HYIP up, run it and promote it, the longer it will most probably last.

Examine the offered investment plans. Avoid HYIPs that offer very high and unrealistic returns, like 100%-700% pure profit and more in one day; they are pure scams. Instead, 1-3% daily profit is considered normal and sustainable for some time. Generally – with a few exceptions – any HYIP offering above 3.5% daily is not going to last but a few days – if you are lucky. Also, beware of changes in offered plans; if a HYIP suddenly offers investment plans with higher profit, this is a “big red flag” signifying in many cases that the end is near.

Diversify your investments. ‘Do not put all your eggs in one basket’ as they say. Always remember that even a paying, successful HYIP might stop paying at any time. Spreading your money over several, carefully selected, HYIPs will minimze the risk of losing your initial capital. Also, do not be greedy and stick too much with too much money to a specific HYIP, unless you are confident that it is going to last long enough. There are indeed a few HYIPs that have proven to be stable and most possibly really involved in money-making activities, such as arbitrage sports-betting. So, for some people it might look better to stick with their proven choices than risking in new programs.

Generally, avoid depositing very large sums, even if you can afford it, to a single HYIP. There are many cases where only the smaller payouts are made and the big “investors” get scammed. Some players suggest to get quickly your initial capital back and invest only your profits (or only a part of it) while others risk more and continue for a little longer (but not too much) to throw ‘fresh’ money in a seemingly stable HYIP. Some use the “first in – first out” strategy, also known as “hit and run”, but others watch and wait some time (but not too much) before depositing. Some prefer the short-term HYIPs and others the medium/long-term ones. It really depends on the situation, the type of HYIP and the mentality of each player. However, it is considered wise by many to diversify in all kinds of HYIPs.

Continue to watch the monitors and forums daily. Adapt your plans according to the latest news and information received. Given the risky and rather unpredictable nature of the game, prepare yourself for money losses from time to time; the issue is how to minimize them and maximize your profits. There are NO guarantees in the HYIP world but if you play the game smart, you can make a good profit.