How to Enjoy your Summer without Expensive Vacations

When summer comes round and you long for a vacation to take a break from the run of the mill routine, there is no need to feel disappointed if an expensive vacation is out of the question. You may end up having a wonderful break by taking advantage of inexpensive ways to vacation which you have never even considered before. Getting into debt to pay for a vacation is folly but there are some ways to take a vacation without it costing anymore than staying at home and spending days out at local attractions.

A very inexpensive way to have a vacation is to do a house swap with someone. You can find families online who live in a different area who want to stay in your area, and both families end up with a free vacation, apart from the travel costs. You spend no more living in someone else’s home than you would in your own, but have the chance to enjoy a new area. A change is as good as a rest.

There are volunteer vacations that can be considered, which give you the chance to still get away and to achieve something fulfilling at the same time. Although many volunteer vacations do actually require you to pay to get there or pay your own expenses whilst there, there are some which are free or very low cost. The USDA forest service runs free volunteer vacations and you just pay your own transport costs to get to the area and living allowances. You can apply and find yourself helping to preserve America’s past.

Hiking volunteers are also needed to preserve hiking trails and placements are at a low cost of between $50 and $130 per person per week. You can enjoy a camping trip working outdoors and contribute to the preservation of hiking trails. There are hundreds of volunteer vacations available and something may well appeal to you, which could provide you with a low cost vacation.

Camping can provide a very inexpensive vacation if you hop in the car and pitch your tent in a free area where camping is allowed. You can check out places online to see where this is allowed. You would have a fun time outdoors and can find an area with lakes or streams, and enjoy the countryside. If you don’t fancy going without the amenities you could even pitch a tent in your garden and still have the all the basics just nearby. Children will love this as a fun thing to do even if they can’t go on a real vacation.

These are just several of the countless options you can consider if an expensive vacation isn’t on the summer’s agenda. Make the most of the free time you have and find an inexpensive way to still vacation and have that much needed break.