How to Entertain Friends without Spending a Fortune

Budget conscious people are looking for fun ways to entertain their friends at home without spending a fortune. In the past, people may have gone out to eat, to bars or other places where they might socialize. Now, the need to be more thrifty has changed all of that, and entertaining at home is a great way to enjoy the company of others, even on a tight budget.

*Plan a potluck

To ease the financial burden on one person or one family, many people may decide to have gatherings at which the invited guests each bring a dish or something to share. When everyone pitches in to provide one part of the meal, no one is saddled with the financial burden for the entire party, and by involving everyone in the process of assembling the meal, you achieve a greater sense of togetherness.

A barbecue is the ideal setting for a potluck. If you supply the meal, your guests can bring all of the side dishes and deserts, and you can have a lovely meal that everyone will enjoy. The more involved other people are in events like this, the more sympathetic they become to what the host would otherwise have had to face.

*Omit the alcohol

If you are having a party, regardless of whether you are inviting a few people or a lot of people, consider not serving alcohol. By not serving alcohol, you can save a considerable amount of money. Moreover, people often expect you to have a lot of appetizers and finger foods on hand when you are serving alcohol at a party. A big pitcher of iced tea or lemonade is healthier, more refreshing and much more budget friendly.

*Plan an activity

Instead of having an event that revolves around food, consider inviting people over to participate in an activity. You can have a movie night, invite friends over to play cards, or some other game. You might even want to plan an event where people get together to play football, baseball, soccer, volleyball or anything else. If you don’t have room in your backyard, reserve a place at a public park. The cost of this is usually very little, if anything at all. Afterwards, you can suggest that everyone go out for ice cream, or even serve it yourself. As long as you don’t invite too many people, the cost of providing them with ice cream won’t be that great.

*Invite people over to watch a movie

If you invite friends over to watch a movie, you may only have to pay for the cost of the movie rental, popcorn and drinks. Your guests may even volunteer to bring something to make it seem more like a real movie outing. This can be a lot of fun, and for adults who have kids at home and rarely get the chance to go out together, this is the perfect opportunity to have an inexpensive outing and a chance to get together with adult friends.

*Invite people over for coffee –

Instead of inviting people over for a full meal, consider having them over for a coffee or tea. You don’t have to serve up a formal tea, but you can serve cookies, biscuits, or little snacks. The cost of serving coffee or tea and some finger foods or snacks won’t be that great, and you can focus on enjoying the conversation with your guests.

Tough economic times are forcing everyone to look for different ways to enjoy some socializing. One way may be to entertain friends at home. By planning simple events that don’t require that you invest a lot of money in fancy food, linens and other supplies, you can enjoy your company without worrying that the financial cost of your event is stretching you beyond your means.