How to Find a Good Interest Rate on a Car Loan

When you are in need of a car loan there is a whole range of online companies from banks to dealerships offering loans, and one should suit your needs. The interest rate which may be advertised as their headline one is in no way representative of the actual rate you will get when you apply, as there are many variables which are considered. Naturally the one which most affects the interest rate you are offered is your credit score, but even those with bad credit do have car loans available to them.

Other variables affecting the interest rate is the length of repayments you select on your loan, with loans taken over the longest period often attracting the highest interest rate, and your ability to negotiate with the seller if you initially opt to take a pre approved loan, before approaching the seller.

Before you make any application for an auto loan check that your credit report and score is in good standing, as the better your credit the better the interest rate you will be offered. It is well worth checking out several sources for on line lending to get an idea of the offers you will receive. Some companies offer fixed rate, others variable, and some carry application or processing fees which need to be factored in as an additional cost along with the interest charged.

Also if you already deal with a finance company of bank they may well offer you a further discount on the interest rate; many lenders  also offer a discount for electronic payments, so always factor these additional savings into the full amount to be re repaid. Steer away from loans which impose a penalty fee for any kind of early repayment of pre payment.

Consider the quotations you are given which do not oblige you to take the loan, and choose the best overall package to suit you, at the lowest interest rate. Generally online auto loans are approved with all due speed and even if you apply and are approved there is no obligation to take the loan offered. Instead you should be issued with a voucher or blank check equal to the amount you request to borrow, and you may then take that to perhaps negotiate a better deal with a car dealer. Often they will try to get you to take their package loan which may be worth considering if they can offer an interest rate which is lower, but be aware you are not obliged to buy any of their extras with their loan.

Without doubt if you have a preapproved loan in place before approaching the seller, you give yourself better bargaining potential which, if astutely done, could lead you to the best possible deal. It may well turn out to be one which you were pre approved for.