How to Find a Good Investment Broker

Finding a good investment broker is an important consideration, especially for those who are new to the stock market and all its potential downfalls and complexities.  Simply stated, an investment broker is someone who connects buyers and sellers of investments.  A good investment broker should hold professional qualifications and have a strong working knowledge of how the markets work with a proven track record of results.  They can act as a useful go-between that acts on behalf of investors and advises with expert tips and guidance.  So how to find a good one?:

In today’s Internet age, the key to finding a good investment broker may be as simple as doing a thorough Internet search – credentials, qualifications and work history should all be clearly checked and compared with those of others to find the best choice for your investing needs.  An examination of website rhetoric and work performance histories should provide an overall indication of competency and suitability – consider contacting a short list of possible candidates to ask some clear questions before making a final decision.  It does pay to shop around and to select an individual who communicates and relates in a way that is suited to your own requirements.  Ask about retainers, commission rates and how accessible they are likely to be when information is sought or important decisions are to be made.  Look for clarity, competency and efficiency in a possible investment broker from an early stage – you have to be sure that this individual will respect you and any money that you direct through them.

It is possible to find a good investment broker through a word-of-mouth referral from a trusted friend, family member or work colleague.  A first hand recommendation from another who has had a good experience with a certain professional may in fact shorthand the process of searching for a good investment broker, but do a bit of your own research on this person before you make a final decision.  The best candidate for the job should be someone whom you feel comfortable talking to and discussing your investment options with; it is a bit like finding a doctor or other professional in that you need to establish a certain comfort in relating with each other before any work is undertaken.  Solid credentials, proven work track record and a pleasant and reliable disposition should be your focus points in your search.