How to Find a Good Loan Officer

If you are going to use a loan officer to buy a home, which is when they are typically used, or for some other large purchases, you should realize that not every loan officer is the same as the next. There are different qualities that each person has and with a loan officer, you are usually going to want someone who is organized, efficient, and good at communication, rather than one who is slow and with whom you never quite know what’s happening or at what speed. So, what are some good ways to find a loan officer that is going to work well with you and do a professional and efficient job of obtaining your loan?

Getting recommendations from trusted friends or family members is usually a really good place to start if they have worked with a loan officer that they have been pleased with in the past. Because these are people that care about you and your financial well-being, they aren’t going to want to see you using a loan officer who is going to do a less than acceptable job for you. They also generally have no business connection with the loan officer that might sway them one way or the other. All they have is their own experience with this person to go by. Besides that they will want the best for you, these people are going to see you again and don’t want to be blamed for steering you wrong!

If you have a realtor that you trust and have a good working relationship with, this person may also be able to assist you. Although it is usually not acceptable for them to give you one particular name to go with, they are usually allowed to give you a list of three or more loan officers that they would suggest, from their own past experiences in working with them with other clients.

You can also go online and often find ratings that other people have used some loan officers. Keep in mind, though, that just because one person had a bad experience, that may not be the loan officer’s fault entirely. People are also often more prone to take the time to write an online review when they are upset, rather than when they’ve had a great experience.

Finding a good loan officer can be difficult, especially if you are totally in unfamiliar territory. Using resources, such as family and friends, real estate agents, and/or online sources can be very helpful.