How to Find a Life Insurance Agent

Many first time life insurance buyers as well as seasoned insurance buyers might find it overwhelming. Buyers of life insurance must first determine if they are going to use an insurance agent or go it alone when it comes to purchasing their insurance policy. In any case they must first do their homework. Determine what type of life insurance they may need and how much they can afford.

There are basically three types of life insurance agents. The captive agent is one that sells life insurance policy for only one company. There is the independent insurance agent that represents a number of companies, usually eight or more, having the ability to find the best policy for the first time buyers needs. The third is the agent that deals with direct writing.

There are several ways to locate an insurance agent. You can contact an insurance association, look on the internet, use the yellow pages in your area or ask friends, family or associates to refer you to the insurance agent that they use. Word of mouth is an excellent way to find someone that is noted for good customer service.

Are they a full agent? You would not want to go to a part-time dentist so why would you want to go to a part-time agent? How many companies do they represent? Do they specialize in areas other than standard life insurance? And do they themselves have life insurance coverage? Would you feel comfortable buying life insurance from someone that does not care enough to properly cover their own family? Above all always ask to see their license. Choosing an insurance agent that can determine your needs will save you in the long run when it comes to money, service and protection for yourself and your family.