How to Find a Life Insurance Agent

Looking for life insurance is one task that a lot of people don’t look forward to. Facing the fact that someday you may not be around is a hard pill to swallow for most of us. Do you know how to find the best life insurance for your needs? Do you know where to find a great insurance agent? Do you even need an insurance agent? The choices you make now concerning your life insurance will have far reaching effects for your loved ones. It’s important that you make good choices. With a few key pointers in mind you can find a policy with the exact coverage you want.

One of the first things you have to decide is if you are going to get an insurance agent or try to find a policy by yourself. Looking for insurance on your own isn’t difficult, but it is time consuming. The Internet offers great direct access to insurance companies that offer policies to individuals. You can often shop for your policy online, get an instant quote and purchase your policy online. This is really beneficial to the person who knows exactly what they want. You can one stop shop without leaving home.

If it’s so easy to find a policy, you may be asking yourself why you would ever need an agent. The answer is simple. Good insurance agents are well versed in all of the little intricacies involved in the insurance business. You, as a non-insurance agent, are on the outside of the glass looking in. Agents can find you things like multi-policy discounts, different policy riders applicable to your individual needs as well as assistance with a host of other things. An agent that is really dedicated to you can get you inside information that you may never be able to obtain on your own. They may also be able to find policies for you that you may not be able to uncover on your own. The truth is that it often pays to go to a professional for things like life insurance.

If you decide to go with a professional to find the perfect life insurance policy, you need to know about the types of agents out there. There are two types of agents. Independent agents write policies for more than one company. They can often give you a variety of choices from the companies they represent. Contract agents work for a single company. Since they work for one company, their selection of policies is going to be limited to whatever that one company offers. Keep in mind that limited doesn’t necessarily mean worse. Comparison shopping is beneficial to you, so even if you select an agent that represents one company, you should still get additional quotes from other companies.

There are additional things you need to look for when selecting an agent. Those things include the reputation and financial stability of the companies the agents represent, the agents professionalism and courtesy towards you, their ability to access and understand your needs, their level of education and their ability to offer you policies you can afford. Each one of these items is just as important as the other. Finding an agent that represents reputable, financially solid companies is a must. You certainly would not want to write a policy with a company that ends up going out of business. If the agent makes you wait and is abrupt with you, run to the nearest exit and find someone you enjoy dealing with. If a life insurance agent doesn’t talk with you and really try to understand what you need, then he or she is not the right agent for you. An agent should always try to understand exactly what your long-term needs and goals are without trying to push you into a prepackaged policy that may or may not meet your needs. An agent should have a valid insurance license in the state they are selling in and they should have additional educational training as well as professional memberships. A lot of people are afraid to confront and agent about their education for fear of being considered condescending, however, doing so is vital to make sure you are working with an educated licensed agent. Another component is price. It is pointless to deal with an agent that can’t offer you policies in your desired price range. Don’t waste your time with someone who can’t offer you a good price. Even after getting a price that seems reasonable, make sure that you get additional prices from other agents to compare against. Never jump at the first quote you are given. If you’re anything life me, you would hate to spend extra money in one place for something that costs considerably less someplace else just because you didn’t feel like looking around a bit.

Working with an agent that makes an effort to really understand your needs can make the experience of purchasing life insurance easy. Don’t pick up a phone book and sign with the first agent you see. Ask around and talk with people you trust about their insurance agents. Trust your instincts. If you don’t feel positive about someone, don’t deal with him or her. Research all of the agents and companies you are considering writing a policy with. Call licensing agencies to see if there are complaints against the agent or the companies they may represent. Once you find an agent, make sure you get exactly what you need. If you don’t understand something, or if something doesn’t make sense to you, ask that it be explained to you until you fully understand it. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. It’s your life, your insurance and your money. Take your time and make sure you are covered literally!