How to Find an Estate Attorney

At some point you are going to have to think about it… your will. Unless you are planning on a last minute insane splurge, most people over-allocate their savings to the point where much will be leftover. And if you do not decide beforehand who and where your money will go, and in what amounts, it all goes to government. And really, haven’t you given them enough?

So you need a will. But there is something most people don’t realize right off the bat: you need an estate attorney. An estate attorney is that vital translator that will help you to get through the legalese surrounding whatever goals you are trying to have accomplished. You basically tell them what you want and they write it down in legal terminology so that it is infallible in a court of law.

This step provides safety and securing of mind for the recipients. The question of course becomes where to get a good one? There are a lot of options in both the phonebook and the Internet that readily come to mind, so many that it in fact can seem hard to sort out which ones are the best. I will just give you three good web based examples of companies with great reputations and a quick explanation, but don’t forget, these are just pointers. is a great service that is like a search engine for lawyers! You can specify that you need an estate attorney and find one based on your geography. It is very easy and the format is pleasingly functional. This should be your first stop, in my opinion.

Robert Clofine has almost altruistically compiled a huge database of information related to estate planning. His website is and it is undoubtedly the best of its kind on the Internet. This should be your second stop, and you first if you seek to learn more about the process as well as find an attorney in your location. has a legal estate form if you wish to download it and play dangerous. But I do not recommend being your own attorney and you should probably get one regardless. If you want to live dangerously or just have a look at it beforehand, there it is.

Just remember to check their rates beforehand because many are overly expensive. This is not the longest process so it should be priced at a reasonable rate. Also check their references to make sure they are legitimate.

An estate lawyer is a vital step in the process of securing your will. This may seem intimidating but it is simply a matter of necessity. Following the above advice will ensure you find one as quickly as possible so that you can return to what really matters-the rest of your life.