How to Find Free or Cheap Baby Items Online

Baby stuff can be expensive. When taking into account the prices of common items like cribs, car seats, changing tables and other tiny tot paraphernalia, the overall financial commitment can be absolutely overwhelming – especially for new parents. Thankfully, today’s expecting parents can score cheap and free baby gear online.

No. 1: Freecycle

Freecycle maintains an online database of local folks who are in to gifting. The only catch is that you have to post an item you are willing to part with, at no cost, before using this phenomenal service. However, everything you find on the website is 100 percent, no strings attached free. You can search locally for cribs, car seats, clothes and other gently used baby gear that will be completely new to you.

No. 2: Diaper rewards programs

Diaper manufacturers want you to use their brand, and they are willing to earn your business by giving you free diapers. You can score free samples, join diaper rewards programs and get coupons all by registering on the manufacturer’s websites.

No. 3: Walmart

This massive big-box retailer has everything you need for baby, and they aren’t afraid to share with you, for free. Walmart has a free sample program which allows you to get diapers, toys and baby formula direct from the retailer. And, if you check out their page, you might even find some free samples for mom and dad.

No. 4: Start Sampling

Another great site for baby freebies can be found on the Start Sampling website. They offer all kinds of freebies for babies – and everything else too. The site is extremely user friendly and the forms quick and easy to fill out.  

No. 5: Be a crafty consumer

You can search the freebie section on Craigslist in your local area for items that other folks are willing to part with at no cost to you. This can be a great way to score baby gear online, even if that gear isn’t shipped to your doorstep.

No. 6: Search garage sales

Look up local garage sale listings online and do a drive by when the sellers are packing it in for the day. If they have baby gear that they didn’t sell (and are still itching to get rid of), ask if you can take it off their hands at no charge.

Extra hint: To maximize your gas money, look for community garage sales. These sales usually occur once a quarter in a community area, where many neighbors will put out their wares simultaneously. This helps maximize your gas while you shop.

Scoring free baby stuff is easy, as long as you know where to look. Start online and then try taking your search to the streets for even more free stuff.