How to Find out your Fico Credit Score

Getting Your FICO Score
You are entitled to one free copy of your credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies annually at

Unfortunately, there is no ”free” way to obtain your FICO score. Usually when you obtain your free credit report you are offered the opportunity to purchase your score (usually for under $10).

There are also several credit monitoring websites, such as and

which allow regular access to your credit reports and FICO score on a monthly subscription basis.

If you really just want to get a free peek at your score, you can visit This site offers a 30 day free trial of their service. You can sign up for the service, view your report and score as often as you like and cancel before the trial is up.

However I recommend keeping the credit monitoring service because your score changes on a month to month basis and it is a good way to track your progress if you are working to boost your score. An additional benefit is that you can view your score on a month to month basis which allows you to catch any errors or suspicious and fraudulent activity in a timely fashion. This is important because many victims of credit fraud don’t realize what has happened until they’re knee deep in a mess.

Although your credit score is easy to obtain, it isn’t free. Paying a small monthly fee is a good investment in monitoring and managing your credit as well as protecting yourself against fraud.