How to Find the best Online Deals when Buying a Computer

No matter who you are, or how much money you make, no one likes to overpay for technology. Because computers are such an expensive, important and integral part of our everyday lives getting the most for your money makes sense. Before you shop for your next tech deal make sure you are maximizing your money by implementing these deal hunting strategies to computer online.

-Use rebate portals

Rebate portals like E-bates and Fat Wallet pay consumers cash back on every purchase they make. For example, if you find a hot deal on a new PC at Best Buy, but visit the Best Buy website using one of these rebate portal sites first, you can earn up to 12 percent cash back on our purchase, saving you hundreds of dollars. You still get to purchase your product from a trusted merchant site, and you save more money than you would if you were buying the same thing in store.

Rebate portal sites also offer coupons and free shipping codes so that you make the most of every single dollar you spend –and every dollar you earn in cash back rewards.

-Combine store rewards

Many merchants today offer consumers free loyalty and rewards cards that can be redeemed for cash, free products or discounts. When shopping online, sign up for the free rewards program and combine that with you rebate cash-back offers to save even more on your next tech purchase.

-Buy refurbished

Most major retailers sell refurbished (rebuilt) computers at a deep discount. Search for refurbished deals using your cash back portal site, and consider buying a reconstructed PC. Refurbished models normally come with a manufacturer warranty and are phenomenal money saving deals.

-Use cash-back credit cards

Triple your savings by combining rebate portal sites, merchant rewards and the savings you’re your cash back credit card. By paying for your new technology purchase with a cash back credit card, you can earn as much as five percent cash back on top of the rewards you earn from the portal website and the merchant offerings. This can increase your savings to as much as 50 percent off the retail price. Of course, you would need to pay off your balance within 30-days if you want to avoid savings slashing interest charges.

Using the power of the Internet to maximize your savings on technology purchases makes sense, makes your life easier and puts more money in your pocket. Now, who wouldn’t like that idea?