How to Find Unclaimed Property in Arizona

Arizona laws are very specific regarding unclaimed property. Their laws include rules regarding not only stocks and bonds but also covers financial instruments like travelers checks and money orders. Like most other states, institutions who hold financial assets on behalf of individuals, companies or government offices are required to notify the state when property is considered abandoned. Arizona has specific statutes that provide guidelines for reporting abandonment and for turning assets over to the state.  Once assets have been turned over, rightful owners need to know how to find unclaimed property in Arizona.

Searching the database

Arizona’s Unclaimed Property Unit provides the ability to search (free of charge) for assets that may belong to consumers, businesses and government entities. The site provides site visitors with the ability to track assets that have been returned to the State of Arizona from all over the country. Several states and territories including Arizona use “Missing Money” to allow searches by name and state.

Those who believe that they may be the rightful owners or heirs to unclaimed property in Arizona should search this database carefully. Make sure that last names are spelled correctly and avoid using “nicknames” for first names. Make sure to input any state that the original owner may have lived in prior to or after living in Arizona..

When property is identified

Unfortunately, there are companies that make a living matching “found” money with rightful owners. Arizona limits the amount that these “search” agencies may charge for their services. No business, organization or individual may charge more than 30% of the amount of the unclaimed property that is successfully recovered. Remember that Arizona does not charge the rightful owner or their rightful heirs  to file a claim or reclaim assets. The process for filing a claim after identifying unclaimed property is fairly straight-forward provided that all instructions are followed:

Download and fill out a claim form

The claim form must be filled by the person authorized to claim the funds. Certain documents must be included with the claim form including proof that the owner of the funds lived at the address where the original account was registered. In addition photo identification must be provided.

Most states, including Arizona post information about unclaimed property into their database on a regular basis. In addition, the rules specify that any company that turns funds over to them must have attempted to reach the owner first. The state is proactive about cross referencing names in the database to match up assets with the rightful owner. Residents of Arizona should inquire regularly about unclaimed property. It is easy to forget about small bank accounts, shares of stock or contents of safe deposit boxes. Fortunately the process to find unclaimed property in Arizona is simple and free of charge.