How to Find Unclaimed Property in Kansas

Finding unclaimed property is like stumbling onto a secret savings account that was forgotten about. During 2011, the Treasurer of Kansas was able to identify more than $9.7 million belonging to more than 43,000 owners. In spite of this, residents and those who have had family members living in Kansas need to know how to find unclaimed property in Kansas.

Using the online database

Like most states, Kansas offers residents and others to search for unclaimed property in Kansas by searching online. The unclaimed property database is simple to use and is updated several times annually. Simply place the owners last name into the search field and select search for properties. It is important to note that since errors can happen that commonly misspelled names should be searched using all possible spellings.

Alternative search methods

For residents or potential property owners who prefer direct contact, there are other options available. Potential property owners may contact the Kansas Cash Connection at 1-800-432-0386 or (785) 296-4165.  Alternatively, property owners may also write to the Treasurer’s office at Kansas State Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Division, 900 SW Jackson, Suite 201, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1235 or by email at [email protected] In addition to these methods, lists of unclaimed properties are provided in county courthouse records where they may be accessed during regular business hours.

Railroad pensions that were administered through MetLife may also qualify for as much as $2,000 in death benefits. These funds may be found by searching for the exact last name on the Kansas State Treasurers MetLife search.

Veteran’s often have unclaimed pensions, property or other items left behind when they changed bases. Kansas publishes a list of Veteran’s who were added to the list after confirming that they served in the military. This list is published alphabetically and may be found at the Kansas State Treasurer website.

Once property is identified

Those who have identified property that they believe they have a right to may file a claim request. This involves filling out the required claim form.  Claim forms are requested once you have identified property by filling out the request form.  Proof of ownership, confirmation of identity and social security numbers are required for all claimants.

Kansas does not charge claimants a fee. In addition, Kansas unclaimed property laws prohibit third parties from charging a fee for a period of two years after the property has been turned over to the State of Kansas. The service is completely free, fees may be incurred for providing certified documents (from other agencies) or for notarizing forms. Claims may be filed by account owners, heirs or estate administrators. There is no deadline for filing a claim, the State of Kansas holds all property in perpetuity for the rightful owner.