How to Find your Bank Routing Number

Knowing how to find your bank routing number is a topic that may come up many times. When doing any electronic payments this is needed information. 

But it is not listed in the digits for the account number itself. This is often a piece of information that you have to have in addition to your checking number when you do any sort of electronic payment. As more and more payments become ePayments it is necessary to know how to find this routing number to be able to make these transactions.  Here are a couple simple and quick ways to find your banks routing numbers.

How to find your bank routing number: Break out the Paper Check

Yes, in the old days of banking they wrote checks on paper. I know, it is hard to believe the barbarity of those times. We went right from discovering fire and walking upright to paper checks. Strange days, I know.

Anyhow if you have a paper check, look at the bottom at the numbers written.  They usually look “computery” for wont of a real word. Those numbers are the routing number and the back account number. The first 9 digits are the routing number.

Ways to locate your bank routing number:  Look it up Online

Hey, you are online already.  Stroll over to your banks homepage.  Most banks will have a “contact us” section. This is a place where they will often have their routing number. Gran it and you are good to go. 9 numbers:  remember.

How to find your bank routing number: Try calling your bank

Ok, back to old school methods, if you can’t find it online, you can always call the bank and ask.  It is possible that they may need your bank information, but likely not.  All a routing number is a set of numbers that can be used as an address for the bank.  There is no reason not to have people know their “address”. Now if you do not know your account number, that is a completely different story. Then they will need 8 million pieces of information from you, so be ready.

Finding the routing number is easy as pie!  (mmmm  Pie)

See there is not much to the issue of how to find your bank routing number. It doesn’t take a ton of detective work or sleuthing.  Just a minute or two of searching and the info is yours. Now, if you are like me, if only there was actually some money in that darn account.