How to fund an around the world trip

There is no doubt that planning an around the world trip is a fun and exciting prospect. If you are interested in traveling around the world, then there is no doubt that funding a trip of that nature could be very costly. So, many people are searching for tips for funding an around the world trip because it seems like an amazing but out-of-reach type of prospect.

If you plan on going all the way around the world, then you will need to budget several thousand of dollars worth of expenses, if not tens of thousands of dollars, for flights, living expenses and entertainment on your trip. Not to worry, it is manageable to fund around the world trips if you take the right steps to save and earn money efficiently.

Save your money

It will be impossible to fund an around the world trip if you spend your money on unnecessary luxuries like Starbucks coffee or extravagant desserts. In a recent article, the Huffington Post recommends trying to keep eating out to a minimum, cooking your own meals and only driving your car when you need to so you can save money on gas. Each month, keep a tally of how much you have saved so you can get a sense of how close you are to meeting your travel fund goal. The Turtles Travel blog has also provided great recommendations on money saving tips to help you on your trip.

Get a job

It will be very difficult to raise money for an around the world trip if you are not generating any income. Fix up your resume and go to the local shopping mall, or headhunter or get on the phone with business contacts and try and find employment for a few months before you leave for your travels. Do not be concerned if your job is not overly exciting or glamorous as it will be temporary in nature. Utilize your prior skills and resources to ensure you get the best job possible.

Find a friend to travel with

Traveling with a friend will help you save money on your travels. You can split certain expenses like renting apartments, groceries, vehicles and utilities. In addition, they can provide you with much needed companionship, friendship and a person to share the experiences you will have on your trip. If you choose to travel with a large group, then you might get lucky and be able to take advantage of bulk discounts. This is more likely if you are a large group. Traveling with friends is also great for funding an around the world trip because they can help you research the most cost effective travel options.

Take out a personal loan

This is of course a last resort, but if you have no other option, then go to your local bank or credit union and see if you qualify for a loan that can help you fund your trip.

Sell your possessions

Have a garage sale and sell some of your more expensive goods like an Ipad. The proceeds of a garage sale can help you generate the much needed funds you will need for your trip.

As you can see, it is difficult to fund an around the world trip. However, a savvy person can work their way around it if they utilize all of their resources, take advantage of chances that present themselves and save vigorously. Apply the tips for funding an around the world trip in this article and you will be on your way to a fun trip in no time.