How to get a Cheaper Cup of Coffee

A cup of coffee has gone up just like everything else has. According to this site, the National average for a cup of coffee is $1.38. Like everything else, there is always a way to get it cheaper. This article will focus on several tips on how to get a cheaper cup of coffee that some people can pull off and others cannot.

One of the best ways to get a cheaper cup of coffee is to get to know the person that is serving the coffee or the one who owns the shop. Many times, a person who knows the owner or the wait staff can either get a seniors discount, even if they are not seniors. The other possibility that is not as common is they could get a free cup of coffee. It is not about what a person knows, but who that person knows, and that benefit will oftentimes get a person a cheaper cup of coffee. Obviously, this is obtained by going to the same place all of the time, and becoming a regular at the same venue. This is how a person gets to know the wait staff and the owner, and eventually get a good price on a cup of coffee.

A great way to get a cheaper cup of coffee is to sign up for a rewards card at one of the local gas stations that offers reward programs. Some gas stations and coffee shops offer reward programs that reward their loyal customers with free cups of coffee after so many of cups have been purchased. This is a great way for a person to get a cheaper cup of coffee. Usually, the registration process is free and only involves a little paperwork. Once this is done, the rewards card is given and the redemption prizes are listed in the welcome packet. If a person is willing to be loyal to one particular place, then that person can also enjoy the rewards offered by that establishment.

The great common factor is getting a cheaper cup of coffee is being loyal to one place. This action will allow the person to get to know the employees, and allow that person to take advantage of the rewards program, if applicable. These are just two of the ways that people can get cheaper cups of coffee.