How to get a Credit Card even when your Credit is not Good

Credit cards are very convenient. They allow you to avoid carrying a lot of cash and give you extra protection. They let you buy now and pay later. It can be difficult to get a credit card, however, especially if you have bad credit. There are different strategies that can allow you to get a credit card and start to build your credit back up.

One method is to have someone with good credit cosign with you on the credit card. The company may then give you a credit card based on that person’s good credit. When doing this you want to look for a card that will report back to the credit agencies about both of you. Some of them will only report back for the person with the good credit and then you will not be building up credit.

Another option is to get a secured credit card. You will put money into an account and get a credit card based on that amount. If you do not pay, the credit card company will know they can take the money from the account. Again, make sure that they will report to the credit agencies. It is best to have an unsecured credit card so look for a secured one that can change to an unsecured one as your credit improves.

There are other strategies that can improve your chances of getting a credit card. You can start to build up your credit with retail store and gas cards, which can be easier to acquire. You should also make sure that you have a bank account because credit card companies look for that. You may also want to wait to apply until you have a job.

Once you have a credit card, use it in a responsible manner so that you can build up your credit and not get into further trouble. This is especially important if someone is cosigning with you because you can drag down his or her credit at the same time as yours. You should make sure to make all of your payments in a timely manner. Only charge what you can afford and do not get behind on your payments. Try to keep out of debt, if possible.

You can get a credit card with bad credit if you know the right strategies. Hopefully your bad credit will become better and you will find yourself with more favorable credit card offers.