How to get a Workout for Free

It might be convenient to tell yourself that you can’t possibly work on your fitness when gym membership is so expensive, but why bother to join a gym in the first place when you can get a perfectly good workout for nothing? Deciding not to work on your fitness just because of the expense of joining a gym or buying a piece of exercise equipment is really just an excuse to get out of doing exercise! To get fitter you obviously have to exercise on a regular basis and if your natural inclination is to lie back and take it easy, looking for excuses may be preferable to getting all hot and sweaty!

If you’re concerned about your health and are serious about getting fitter there are plenty of ways to get some exercise which are either free or cost very little. Walking is probably the most obvious place to start, since it is something you have to do, anyway, and isn’t particularly difficult to slot into your routine. Choosing to leave the car at home and walking to work and into town, instead, could benefit your fitness immensely. You may find that you like walking so much that you choose to walk for the sake of walking and there are plenty of beautiful walks for you to choose from.

Perhaps walking isn’t fast or intensive enough for you, in which case you might want to think about taking up running. Apart from needing a sturdy pair of running trainers, it doesn’t cost a penny to run and you have a wide variety of routes to choose from. If you really get into running there will probably be a few more costs, as you may decide to buy running shorts and join a club, but generally running is a very cheap way to get a workout.

Cycling is another activity which enables you to get a workout for nothing. Of course, it helps to have a bike to begin with, as this will be the biggest expense. Once you’ve got a bike, and most people have one hidden away somewhere, it doesn’t cost anything to actually ride it. Although you may want to spend some money to purchase a pair of cycling shorts and to keep your bike in good working order, it is a much cheaper option than joining a gym.

There are many different ways to get a workout without spending a fortune, with walking probably being the most popular, but as long as it’s an activity you enjoy doing, you’ll get fitter in no time!