How to get better Customer Service by being a better Customer

We have all been customers in stores, we have seen the prices change and dealt with the never ending lines. We’ve even seen the politest of associates and the rudest. While it’s not entirely up to us as customers to determine how we are treated in the stores we have decided to frequent it is up to us to an extent. Bad customer service comes from either unknowledgable associates or from our treatment of them. Think about it how would you like to be treated when you’re working, shopping or even just sitting at home for that matter?

Remember you manners, when dealing with the stores employees. They are people too, they appreciate being told please, thank you and other things that are considered to be polite. You are not there to point out everything that’s wrong with the store but to shop. You don’t have to complain about every detail from the stores color to the prices of the cold cuts. You want the customer service you recieve to be the best possible and you have to be on your best behaviour to achieve this.

As someone that’s worked in customer service I can say that’s truly easy to have an otherwise good day turn into an incredibly bad one just from a single customer. You have to keep in mind that the person you’re dealing with has had hundreds of people to deal with prior to your entering the store or calling. They are trying their best to help, let them. Explain what you need to them and when they go to tell you the options you have ask questions after they tell you the options. Don’t interrupt them every few seconds to add something, someone with adequate training in the customer service department will ask you specific questions to determine your needs further.

Answer the questions they ask you as thoroughly as possible and they will take the details that you give them to come up with the product that suits your needs. When it comes to returns, exchanges and refunds learning the stores policies can make the whole experience of customer service a much better one. Keeping it in mind as you shop will help to prevent problems when it comes to customer service and recieving the best service possible. You will want to know under what condition refunds are given and whether or not store credit is given without a reciept.

Being aware of the store policies will save you time when you to return or exchange an item. It will also help you to resist the urge to argue with the customer service representative. You want people to be polite to you so be polite to them. It’s not that hard and it can make both of your days better.

When it comes to quality customer service it doesn’t matter about the amount of experience or training of a representative (although it is helpful), you must keep in mind that being difficult just to be difficult won’t get you anywhere. Keep in mind the person assisting you may be learning and you have to be patient.