How to get Cheaper Computer Repairs

In the past, you may have experienced issues with your computer whether it was an internal problem, or having any other issues with your computer. There are many different problems that can occur, and there are  different methods on how to fix these issues. Try to familiarise yourself with what the main problem is. If you know the problem then you may attempt to get it fixed for a high price.

There are also times when you have no idea why your computer is not working. Then you get it checked out by different companies, which can be quite costly depending on the company. The cheapest methods that can be useful for anyone who wants to spend the least amount of money fixing the problem are described below.

The first problem is the most common thing to occur within your computer, viruses. Viruses can cause so many issues to your computer causing some data to go corrupt and messing around with any information that has been stored within your computer. Most people know that the easiest ways to solve this problem is by using an anti-virus software, but the issue is that people can at times pay too much for the anti-virus program they buy.

An anti-virus program that is free is available. Yes you heard me, free. The program is known as the AVG anti-virus program which they do provide different version which obviously if pay you will get more features. To be honest, the free version is enough for me; it scans for any viruses, and gets rid of any threats. Also, at times it even notifies you when there seems to be a threat attacking that you can easily get rid of. Just make sure you have regular checks by scanning it at least once a week to ensure yourself there aren’t any threats attacking your computer. If you would like to download AVG please type AVG in Google and you should get the link  to the website.

Another way of getting rid of your virus, or if you would like your computer to be restored to a certain time. Which the meaning of this is that you will be able to will be able to set your computer to a certain point of time which there will be options available telling you how far back you can restore to. This method is known as system restore with this you can get rid of any virus that has recently attacked you. Additionally, if you wish to get your computer back to a certain point when it had a specific program, then you will be able to do this if the option for that date is available.

If you would like to system restore this is for XP, Vista and Win7 you basically go on start and click on help and support. From there you go on performance and maintenance. Then you find the option which will say something to do with system restore to undo changes. From their just run the the system restore wizard and follow the instructions. After you have done this your computer will commence with the system restore which can take 10 minutes or more.

If you are having issues on trying to figure out what problem has occurred with your computer, then you can try to research this on Google by typing in the issue that has happened. Also, instead of going to computer repair shops that can cost quite a bit just for a check, you should look around other shops. Maplin sometimes provides a free check up; if you describe the situation they can usually help you out. 

If you know that there is a specific problem with a part of the computer, then try to look around for the best offer you can find. But please be aware if that part is the correct part you need. Buying these parts on eBay or Amazon assist with locating a better deal. You can also use parts from other computers. An example maybe that you need a new power supply; try to look for one that has the correct amount of watts. This is often different whether you are just a normal PC user or a gamer.

Try to look online for guides if you do not have any ideas on how to install the new part. YouTube is a place to find tutorials, and remember it is cheaper to fix the problem yourself instead of hiring someone to fix it.

Also, if you are generally a PC gamer you should make sure you have a powerful fan to keep your computer temperature cool as playing high graphical games can cause you CPU to become hot. Consider buying a decent heat sync fan to keep the CPU cool instead of the ones that are given. With this you will be able to prevent certain issues occurring in the future.