How to get Free Financial Planning Software

Sage is one of the industry standard financial software packages that you can install. However, it’s not a freeware software package. If searching for alternative freeware financial software packages, there are quite a few that have a good variety of options for budgets, invoicing etc.

To begin your search for freeware software packages check out software websites. There are a variety of software websites that include software for various platforms such as Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X etc. Most of the software on the sites are freeware packages, or at least demos, that you add to your disc.

Among the sites to note is Cnet. Cnet has a good variety of financial software on its pages. Check out this page link for some freeware finance packages. Cnet’s finance software category currently has 957 packages! So you must surely be able to find some suitable freeware software from the Cnet website. Make sure that you check the freeware software’s system platform details to ensure that you add software supported by your OS.

Or you could check out some magazine cover discs for financial software packages. Software magazines have cover discs which include a compilation of freeware and demo software. The magazine should provide details for the software that’s included on the disc within its pages. Some might include freeware finance packages for Windows and other platforms.

Spreadsheets are financial software packages. They include all the options you’ll likely require for setting up budgets, invoices and other business accounts. Spreadsheet software such as Excel have financial functions and formulas which can be added to cells, a variety of graphs to select from and plenty of formatting options for setting up documents. On top of that, Excel also has a Visual Basic editor that provides additional coding options.

Of course, as part of the MS Office suite Excel is not freeware software. But there are plenty of alternative freeware office packages that include spreadsheets that have comparable options to Excel. For example, Calc is one such freeware alternative that is part of the OpenOffice suite. To add it to your software library check out the OpenOffice website.

And there are quite a few others to pick from such as Kingsoft Office, Calligra Suite and SSuite Office are a few of the others that have spreadsheet packages included with them. If you input Kingsoft Office, Calligra Suite and SSuite as Google keywords you should find their sites. Follow the links to their websites for further details on the suites and the spreadsheet packages they include.

Check out software magazine websites for details on freeware software. A keyword input such as ‘freeware finance software’ input into Google might throw up some notable sites. For example, this TechRadar page provides a listing of eight freeware accounting software packages. From that site you’ve already discovered eight effective freeware accounting packages.

Freeware financial software should have a range of options that you would expect to find with those that aren’t freely distributed. Check out the links above to sites where you’ll find some effective freeware finance software that are suitable alternatives to packages such as Excel and Sage.