How to get Low Cost Payday Advance Loans

Go to Rent-a-Center and get a Payday Advance Loan.  You can even apply online, and find out if you qualify.   It is easier to qualify at Rent-a-Center for a Payday Advance Loan than many other cash advance stores.

Rent-a-Center Financial Services offer low cost, payday advance loans.  They offer payday advance loans with lower finance charges than most of the other payday advance stores. 

You don’t even need a bank account to qualify for a payday advance.  Most other payday advance shops require you to have a bank account, with at least a month’s worth of transactions.   

You can find the telephone number of a Rent-a-Center near you, either in your telephone book or online.  Talk to a Rent-a-Center Financial Services representative. and ask where your nearest Rent-a-Center Financial Services store is located.

The first time that you apply for a payday advance at Rent-a-Center Financial Services will take you about 25 minutes.  You just fill out their application for a payday advance loan.  You can also speed up the application process by filling out their online, payday loan application.  Provide them with about 5 references.  The only calls that Rent-a-Center makes before approving your loan request, is to your references.   

Rent-a-Center does not do a credit check to qualify you for a payday advance.  They do not call your work.  You just provide them with your state identification, such as a driver’s license, your social security number, a utility bill or something recent with your address on it, and proof of wages,social security,pension – whatever it is that you receive in pay each month. 

The Rent-a-Center clerk will make a copy of your paperwork that you brought with you.  Rent-a-Center’s computer program then decides how much of a payday advance you qualify for.  The Rent-a-Center clerk then prints out your loan application, and has you sign and date the application papers.  You will be given a copy of the signed application, and the necessary pay back information.  You can pay back the loan in a week, in two weeks, or in a month – depending on how often you receive your pay/wages. 

When you go back in to the Rent-a-Center Financial Services store to pay back your loan, just bring cash with you – to pay off your payday advance debt.  This only takes about 10 minutes.  Another good thing is – if you want or need to borrow again at that time, you can now easily do it.  You have paid off your payday advance debt on time.  Now, Rent-a-Center Financial Services will up the amount (or line of credit) that you can have advanced to you. 

Another good thing about all of this is that – now you have established good credit with Rent-a-Center Financial Services, and your information is stored in their computer system.  Next time that you want a payday advance, you can quickly and easily just go to Rent-a-Center Financial Services and get another payday advance loan.  

Rent-a-Center Financial Services offers you  low cost, payday advance loans.   Give Rent-a-Center a call, look them up online, or stop in at one of their stores near you.  You can even pre-apply online, and have that much done before you step into the Rent-a-Center Financial Services store.