How to get Money Fast when You’re Broke

The bills are mounting on the desktop, and you have discovered that you have no good way to pay them. You must raise cash fast.

Raising money quickly requires creativity, discipline and hard work. Raising money requires that you tap into your resources and skills, and figure a way to capitalize on these skills quickly.

If you write articles, then write some more. Put them together, and create an e-book,  then sell the e-book. Since e-books are protons and neutrons, they can be downloaded quickly, saving you money in shipping and holding inventory.

Don’t forget the items that you may have laying around the house. Look in the garage, basement, closets and see what it is you can sell quickly. Posting these items on places like, gives you an opportunity to sell your junk without paying advertising costs to sell them. We have all heard the expression. “one man’s junk is another person’s treasure”.

Have an extra room in the house that you can rent? Plenty of people are finding it far more economical to share a home, then to rent one, and take on all of the expenses by themselves. If you have an extra room in your home, try renting it. You might discover a new friend in the process.

Offer a service. Do you have a car? You might transport people to and from doctors appointments in your extra time. Are you skilled in cleaning? Cooking? Babysitting? Look at your natural talents, and you may discover that your strength is another persons limitation. Today, lots of people might need a service, and you can be their answer.

Were you a frequent traveler? Check out selling your air mileage, and raising cash fast. Somebody may be seeking to travel somewhere, and you can provide the answer for them. If you can sell your mileage for less than the cost of travel, then you may discover an ability to raise quick cash.

Credit cards are a method of obtaining money quickly, but before tapping into this method, be careful. The last thing you want to do when needing money is to rack up more debt. However if you are in a crunch, credit cards can provide a solution.

When you need money quickly, identify your strengths and skills, and look for ways to capitalize on them. You may find with persistence, creativity, and some hard work, you can raise money fast.