How to get out of a Speeding Ticket

We all make mistakes when we’re driving; sometimes we don’t notice the speed in which we’re driving and that’s when you always pass by a police officer. The lights come on and the feel of dread washes over your body; you know you’re caught and a new speeding ticket will be in your hands shortly.

Speeding tickets on your record and the cash required to pay the fine is never fun. What if you could avoid getting a speeding ticket in the first place? The following article discusses a few ways to help you avoid or get out of a speeding ticket.

* Method 1: Obey the law *

What a thought?! Sarcasm aside, the easiest way to avoid a speeding ticket is to go the speed limit. It may feel like burden to always obey the law when driving but its either more time on the road or less money in your pockets.

* Method 2: Prepare yourself *

A police officer’s job is very dangerous; they never know when something array can happen.

When pulled over, immediately turn off your car, turn on the interior lights, have your license and registration ready and put your hands on the wheel.

In many ways, because you’re showing the officer you’re knowledgeable, applying good practices and have no inclination of harm, they may be compassionate with you and let you off with a warning; a little courtesy goes a long way.

* Method 3: Stay cool *

A police officer never wants sass but you’re likely to receive it from them anyway. When the officer steps up, always remain cool.

Talk in a steady voice and don’t lose your temper. If you do happen to lose it, you’re much more likely to get that ticket. Staying calm can help delegate you out of a ticket.

* Method 4: Apologize and plead *

There are many reasons why people speed; if you give a good enough excuse you could get away with a warning.

Begin by apologizing for speeding and let them know why you were in such a rush. Of course, saying you need to get somewhere just for the sake of speeding won’t do but if you have an emergency or crisis on your hands you’re much more likely to get out of a speeding ticket.

* Method 5: Play it rough *

If you really want to get out a ticket you’ll need to put up a fight – not physically but mentally.

Cops have a lot of work on their hands; they don’t want to go through the hassle of going to court in order to nail you for your ticket.

Many times, if you go through with a court case, delay and drag out the decision, they will simply let it pass. When you are in court, stand strong and plead your case, don’t get angry and try to gain compassion.

* Conclusion *

In the end, you’re a human being as anyone else, sometimes you make mistakes. If you can show your honest mistake you’re much more likely to be let off with a warning; otherwise, just avoid the ticket all together by going the speed limit.

In this article, you learned five methods to get out a speeding ticket. Take this information and use it next time you’re stuck in a sticky situation – good luck.