How to get Stores to Accept Online Coupons

Don’t we all get excited to have an online coupon which gives us an extra 10% off on the item we have been planning to buy for over a week now? But have you ever been on the checkout register and the cashier just declined to accept that coupon you printed on your printer? Believe me, you are not alone. It sure can be a lot frustrating for both you and the cashier to undo all the transaction or annoying if you end up paying the full price for the item. What do we do?  Well, instead of holding up the entire line behind you, try following a few rules before you print the next coupon.

Make sure you print the coupon from legitimate sites ONLY. These companies insure the coupons offered follow the necessary security guidelines. When you print a coupon, don’t cut the coupon; instead take the entire page you printed so that you have proof that you printed the coupon from a reputed and legitimate coupon website. Many times they are familiar with the company and not the coupon. Make sure your coupon has: A scan able bar code, an expiration date, legitimate manufacture’s address, and limit of one coupon per customer. It’s not a photocopy.

Sometimes, you may have everything correct at your end but still the Cashier might say no to you for your coupon. Before you get into a heated argument, check that the coupon was scanned for the right product. If everything looks fine don’t hesitate to call in for the store manager (if the cashier doesn’t do that himself). If the cashier does not accept the coupon and the manager is not available, take the coupon to the customer service counter for assistance. In some cases, even the Store managers are not aware of the correct store policies regarding coupons and may end up denying your coupon.

Make sure the next time you walk in to that store with a coupon; you have a print out of their corporate policy on redeeming online coupons handy with you. You can easily get this by emailing the customer service of that store via their website to provide you with the written statement of the policy. Keep the print out handy with your coupons so that you don’t end up with the same situation the second time.

Finally, despite everything, if you were unable to put your word across then make sure you write a letter or email complaining about your experience to the customer service contacts. Include the name of the coupon website you used and also include the address and phone number of that specific store so that their corporate headquarter can follow up with the store manager.