How to Give to Charities without Spending Money

How do you give to charities when your income is so limited that you yourself need help from a charity once in awhile? There are many ways to give to a charity, other then giving money and I will share some of these items within this article.

Another great way to give to a charity when money is limited is to give some of the items you buy at the store to a food pantry and in turn, they give it to someone who needs it. Many times local grocery stores will run sales on food items where you buy one and get one free, go ahead an give the free one to the charity. If you buy, the non-perishable foods save them up for a month or so and then take them to the food pantry. Or donate the extra items to a school food drive and help a student.

Yet another way to give to a charity when money is limited is if you see a buy one get one free deal on non-food items. These items can be placed in a church basket to help those people who may need it. No matter what the free item is, if you will not be using that item is to donate it to someone who can. Free pet food or items can go to the local animal pound where it is sure to be used.

The best way to give to a charity when money is limited is to share your time, as we all know help at a charity is often minimal at best. If you have a local habitat for humanity go ahead and volunteer a few hours building a house or helping with fund rising events, neither of which require training per say as you will be working with a seasoned volunteer.

A great way to give to a charity when money is limited is to give of your self, because no matter your personal talent or skills you are needed somewhere. If you can program a database volunteer at your local charity, perhaps they need a database person, which is a specialized skill.

Giving of yourself is the best way to give to a charity when money is limited because you are a rare commodity and you have a lot to offer. Even if it is just sitting and playing cards with someone in a nursing home, reading to preschoolers, or even dressing up like a clown and visiting the children’s ward at the local hospital.

Donations of worn but useable clothes and toys are most welcome by charities like the Salvation Army and you get a tax deduction. Extra paint or replaced doors and windows in good condition can be donated to Habitat for humanity, and even grass seed left from reseeding your yard. Donate used preschool books, and nice toys to you local head start or day care center, all of these items are welcomed donations.

See even you can give to a charity when money is limited, and I do hope the ideas here will get you started donating those new and used items you have sitting around your house. It feels good inside your heart when you share your blessings with those who will appreciate them as much as you do.