How to Give to Charity without Spending anything


a. Collect money from local businesses to support your favorite charity. Offer them the chance to win a prize if their business donates the most to your cause, or sell tickets to a raffle.

b. Invite local businesses and/or community members to sponsor a new book, video, or piece of equipment for use in the community. This could include books for the library (a local author would be flattered to donate his/her latest quality book), toys for a children’s centre, exercise equipment, and so on.

Offer to be in a talent show for charity. You just might gain self confidence and help yourself in the process, too. Babysit for those who will be in the talent show. If you have kids or even pets, try dressing them up or otherwise involving them in your act. It is so great to help people and have fun at the same time.

Donate. Donate unwanted books, toys, games, and clothes to a shelter, school, or charity. Even toilet paper tubes, pop cans and empty boxes can be used for activities or else recycled to make or save money. These come in especially handy for those who make crafts with children in Sunday school, after school clubs, and more.

Reach out to those in need with a food or clothing drive. Help organize or simply donate a can of food or outgrown/ extra coat, sweater, etc. That junk cluttering up your house can really make a difference. Save coupons and free samples of things like shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc. for a charity or give them directly to the needy. If your school is saving boxtops toward new books or computer equipment, clip them and stuff them in an envelope until you have enough to send in. Some brands promise to donate a certain amount of their profits to charity. While this should not be your only reason to switch brands, it may be worth doing at least temporarily to support a good cause.

Receiving donations to a charity. Get the word out that you are collecting for charity. One easy to collect item is books. They can be for the charity itself, or for a booksale to raise money for the charity work. If you receive alot of books, find a large area like a gym or community hall to put them all. People need room to go between the tables and browse. Old records, tapes, board games, tapes, and CDs are also good items for the sale. Put them in separate boxes and label them. The books can be lined or stacked up on long tables, but they need to be sorted by age group, subject, etc. Put signs up pointing to the Childrens, Mystery, Religious, Craft, Science, Religious, etc. sections so people can find what they like. If you accept very old books, make sure they are not too damaged or musty. In any case, charge less for older books, magazines, and paperbacks than newer hard covers. It may be charity, but folks still like to feel they are getting a bargain. It is always nice to keep a jar for donations somewhere visible. That way, people can help out even if they do not want to buy anything.

A. At a Charity Sale. Set up the tables, publicize the event, pick up donated items, arrange them on tables for sale, price them, wait on the customers, answer questions about how the money will be used/ info about your charity, count the money and roll it into change rollers, and clean up afterwards. With every purchase, include a small leaflet detailing your activities and how people can help your cause. Before your charity sale, publicize the event on billboards in libraries and other public places, community radio, online, in church bulletins, and maybe even door to door visits in your neighborhood (caution: do not visit on Saturday mornings when people are trying to sleep in, or this last suggestion might backfire.)You just might get new volunteers that way! Delegate responsibities so no one person is doing all the work.

B. Spend time with seniors. Seniors in nursing homes or housebound will appreciate a visit. Depending on what the person wants or needs, you can sing, draw, read, play games, talk, or simply enjoy a nice cup of tea and cookies together.

C. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. You can cook, clean up before or after, set up, or even just be pleasant dinner company for the patrons. Hot chocolate on a cold winter day or lemonade on a hot one is another thing you can offer. How about helping to plan a dinner for those who do not get out much so they do not have to be lonely. A nice meal once a month could give them something to look forward to and maybe help them make/have friends.

D. Click to Donate. Join the Facebook group “Feed a Child with Just One Click”. Here are just some of the great links I found there.
(While you are there, also click on Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rain Forest, and Animal Rescue)
Improve your English vocabulary while earning free rice for the needy.
Click to give access to clean water, food, education, and small loans to people in poverty.
I also like Facebook groups which raise money for charity, such as “For Every 100 members, I will donate $2 to Canadian Cancer Society!”

Every little bit we can do for others is appreciated- by people and by the Good Lord who loves us all! Find joy in giving and you will receive more than you ever give.