How to Give to Charity without Spending anything

There are so many worth while causes to help and fight for and so many people who need help. It’s a tragedy that the money to help take care of each and every worthy cause fully is not there. Often time’s people will go without much needed medical procedures because the money is not there. Charities need all the help we can give them, and many of them are making it much easier to donate to charities online.

Most of us are strapped for time, and can often be quite a chore to get all the information you need to donate your favorite charity. There’s usually a lot of paper work as well. You have had to write a letter to the charity telling them what you were going to give, write out a check then label and mail the envelope. Fortunately through the use of donating online, you can skip all of this paperwork. You can now simplify the process because most charities accept donations online. Simply to go to the charity in question’s website, fill out a form, give them your credit card number, and they will take out the amount that you request. It’s really a simple way to donate money that doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Instead of letting your frequent flier miles waste away because you never find time to use them or they are always blacking out your dates, you can donate them to a good cause. Many charities, such as the American Red Cross, accept frequent flier miles from a number of airlines. They use the airline miles to help transport their workers so that organizational funds do not need to be spent.

You can also donate your old cell phone online. Some might wonder what anyone would want with your old cell phone, however they do have a value. Women who are in abusive situations can use a disconnected cell phone to call 911 in the event she needs help. Cell phones can also be recycled for spare parts and precious metals. A simple Google search will provide you a list of places which will send you a box, you drop your old cell phone in, and they put it to good use. Make sure your plan is cancelled before donating it, otherwise you might end up with a costly and unexpected bill!

Finally, there is a growing number of “click to donate” sites which enable you to donate money to charities through the click of a mouse. You will view an ad and then the revenue for that advertisement will be given to the charity in question. You can find a number of sites through a simple Google search which allow you to donate money to worthwhile causes without spending a dime.