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A vacation should be a time for complete relaxation, with no problems or worries racing through your mind.Unfortunately, this is just not possible when due to miscalculations on your part, you end up spending more than you can afford during your vacation. In order to ensure that your vacation will be a pleasant experience and not a living nightmare, what you need to do is come up with a solid plan that will help you stay out of debt.

Ηοw to have a debt free vacation

Determine how much you can afford

The first step towards a debt free vacation is to determine how much money you can afford. This is directly related to your financial situation and the obligations you have to meet. As those things differ from person to person, so does the amount you can afford for your vacation. Therefore, it is important not to get carried away by friends, relatives and colleagues giving you a rough estimate of the money they can personally afford to spend on their vacation. Only you know what you can really afford.

Think of emergencies

When trying to determine your vacation budget, it is wise to set aside a bit more, in case an emergency occurs. If  for example you have to switch hotels or your car breaks down, you will need to spend more than you had originally planned.

Determine the length of your trip

After determining your vacation budget, it is now  time to determine the length of your trip. Divide the  total amount you can afford to spend by the days you are planning to stay on your desired destination. If you realize that according to your calculations, that amount will not be enough, them maybe you need to reduce the days.

Consult a travel agent

A travel agent can recommend you affordable travel packages tailored to your specific needs, so as to get  most satisfaction at the best possible price. This can also help you save time, as you will not have to spend hours searching through countless websites, that cannot give you the details you want or help you find alternatives like travel agents do.

Read travel guides

Before deciding on your travel destination, read  many travel guides, to learn as many things as possible and be able to make an informed decision. Do not count on occasional comments from a few friends to plan your vacation.

Determine how much is enough

If you like to travel a lot, then the only way to ensure a debt free vacation is to make those trips short and limit your daily expenses to the minimum. If  you only travel once or twice a year, then perhaps you can afford spending more and enjoying a few luxuries in the process, such as dining out every night.

Be an early bird

 While it is true that sometimes you may get a good deal at the last minute, you cannot count on that possibility to plan your vacation.The sooner you plan your vacation, the more chances you have of saving money. Planing your vacation 3-4 months in advance, translates in better prices, better seats, and better rooms.

By determining how much you can afford, thinking of emergencies,determining the length of your trip, consulting a travel agent, reading travel guides, determining how much is enough and being an early bird, you will be able to enjoy a debt free vacation.