How to have a Frugal Summer at the State Parks in the State of Wisconsin

If you live in the state of Wisconsin and you are close to a state park you have an entire adventure at your finger tips for only $25.00 a year. The state of Wisconsin has wonderful state parks for families to enjoy. You pay for a vehicle sticker for $25.00 a year. The sticker gets put on your car’s front window and it allows you to go to any state park in the state for the entire year. This is a great frugal savings for family (or friends you can fit in your car!). We have several state park areas near us (within a 1/2 hours drive). We can go swimming all summer in any of their lakes, take any of their hiking trails, go to their nature centers, go to their programs such as animal presentations, guided hikes, canoe trips, etc. All on that $25.00 sticker. We pack food and picnic. We go to their play grounds and even to the kite show. All on our $25.00 sticker. (The price of the sticker is a bit higher for out of state guests)

They also have a junior ranger program for the kids. It’s all free. The kids get a work book, they have to complete 7 of the activities. They learn all sorts of different things about caring for nature. Then when they complete the activities, they get a certificate and a patch. My kids love it and every year ask the ranger for the new book. The nice thing is that they change the book every couple years so there is always new activities to do with the children.

Also, for an additional fee, you can go camping at any state park for about $15 to $20 a night for electrical sites. This is a great way to spend time as a family and still stay frugal. When you think about what a hotel costs, restaurant food, etc. Instead, enjoy the outdoors, hike, swim and camp!

When you think of how far $25.00 will go these days (maybe one trip to a fast food joint?) the Wisconsin State Parks are a great bargain and fun adventure for everyone! Enjoy what nature has given us and come to the State Parks!