How to help a Family Member Join you in the us

Today, many people are desirous of migrating to the US to join family members already living in the country. However, to be accepted for residence one should know what the requirements are.  

The main question is, “Who can I help to migrate to the US?” People that are US citizens can apply for other family members to join them in the country. Those persons that are permanent residents and thus are holders of a green card can also help family members get to the US. 

Immigration law stipulates there are two ways in which a family member can assist someone to gain entrance into the US. These are through preference and immediate relative connections. Preference relations allow married children of a US citizen above the age of 21 years to assist his or her spouse as well as his or her brothers and sisters to gain entrance into the country. Immediate relative connections allow family members to file for a spouse, parents and minor children under the age of 21 years. Grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and in-laws as well as other extended relations are not included on the list. However, once an individual of a US citizen family member has migrated into the country, he or she has the legal right to file for his or her family members such as parents, spouse, brothers and sisters as well. 

To gain a green card in the US, an immediate relative can obtain one without any waiting period. However, this is not so with preference relatives. A preference relative may be given a waiting period of from four to twenty-three years before they can apply for a visa or green card. 

However, in some cases, the waiting period will depend on how many people have submitted applications for a green card or visa. Since there are limited amounts of visas given each year, many family members’ names are added to a long list of other waiting people. There is no guaranteed waiting period as an individual can wait a long or short period depending on how many names are on the list. However, the rule allows people of higher preference to wait for a lesser period. 

To start the process of getting my family members in the US I will have to submit a visa petition to the relevant authorities. Once my petition is approved then my family members can enter the US. 

To help my family members gain a visa to the US requires that I follow all the procedures. In time, chances are that I will know how successful I will be in getting loved ones to migrate to the US where I have taken up residence.