How to Increase your Property value without Overspending

With the economic slowdown easing gradually, the subdued home markets have gained some life although it is still difficult for homeowners to attract buyers for a nominated price. At the same time, the competition between sellers has also grown exponentially which necessitates homeowners to seek methods to improve their properties’ competitive edge. Home renovation projects done by spending considerable amount of money may not bring the desired results all the time. Therefore, it is necessary for the homeowners to know how they could increase their property value without overspending as described in this article.

According to real estate agents, first impression counts a lot when it comes to attracting the best prices for properties. Thus, an attractive lawn with fresh flowers, neatly cut grass, pruned bushes and added dimensions such as fishponds, swings and rock gardens could go a long way in persuading the potential buyers to agree with the desired price. The costs for most of these renovations are fairly low and may not require the support anyone else.

Spending some money on a new coat of paint should also increase the value of one’s property and it may be useful to keep the paint as neutral as possible because many buyers do not want to buy a house with unnatural colors. Cleaning the interior of the house should also be done before inviting potential buyers and care should be taken to clean the corners, door and window edges, as well as the closets for a sparkling appearance. It is also important that doors and windows close well and they do not make noises when opening or closing. Sliding doors should also work perfectly and places that need greasing should be greased well in advance. One may also have to replace the doorknobs if they do not function properly while adding a reasonable security system may also be attractive although not essential for most buyers.

In some instances, bad odors may put off potential buyers and it is the advice of real estate agents to get rid of any ‘funny smells’ before advertising a house for sale. Although this may not sound as important as some of the other measures described earlier, it could make a huge difference when it comes to fussy buyers.

Upgrading the kitchen may also be a worthwhile effort as it may be one of the most important areas in the house for certain buyers. Thus, repairing any broken pantry doors, painting the discolored areas, repairing or replacing some of the appliances with new and matching equipment as well as creating enough storage for the kitchen may all contribute towards receiving a better price.

Bathroom is another area which requires attention when it comes to improving the value of a property and cleaning the tiles and walls meticulously and replacing the discolored or rusted knobs, faucets, shower heads and light fittings may all contribute toward a sparkling appearance and therefore to louver the buyers in making a positive decision.

Apart from these measures, home owners should not leave anything for granted and even a tiny leak in the roof, which only costs $2,000 to repair may reduce the price of the house by around $4,000. Thus, it is always good to fix all the cosmetically and functionally defective areas in the house with the minimum of effort rather than allowing them to be seen by the potential buyers.