How to keep Recidivism Rates down

Recidivism is the rate at which convicted felons return to prison.  Why would a convict return to prison shortly after being released?  Crooks will always be crooks.  I have been in law enforcement for 13 years and have seen convicted felons return to jail at alarming rates.  How do we keep recidivism rates down? 

We have to make jail an undesirable place to be.  Have you ever been in jail or worked in a prison?  If you have, you would be surprised at how nice they are.  Three meals a day, free room and board, and flat screen TVs.

Prison was intended for criminals to be housed in while they carry out the sentences for the crimes they committed.  Prisons today are set up like college campuses.  College classes are offered at these facilities and inmates can gain their GED.  This is a noble idea as long as these inmates want to reform their lives.  This rarely happens. 

There are those that say I am biased in my negative outlook on prison rehabilitation.  These people are liberals who believe in peace, love, and Donnie Osmond. 

I have seen my buddy’s face disfigured at the hands of a convict.  I have seen inmates fight and stab other inmates.  I have seen things most people will never see.  The criminal mind is set on an unwavering path.  We cannot rehabilitate crooks. 

We can keep them behind bars until their sentence is complete.  We can make their stay in prison humane without all the perks they want to keep coming back for.

Criminals will keep committing crimes.  We need to make prisons like they used to be.  People used to be afraid of going to jail.  Not anymore.  Jails are so cozy that it is safer in jail than on the streets.  Why sell drugs on the streets of Philadelphia when I can go to jail and live for free?  Hell, I can even get a college degree. 

The recidivism rate will only go down when we make jails tough again.  If we don’t, the crooks will keep on coming back.  If spending time in jail was an unpleasant experience; you would see less people return to jail.  You can thank liberal America for making jails like country clubs.  You don’t believe me?  Visit jail college boy and enjoy what you see!  I’ll take my boots off and let you walk in them for awhile.