How to Live Cheaply

One can live cheaply by cutting down on restaurant (fast food or not) expenses, and snack food over-indulgences at the local grocery store.  This can be done quite easily by doing your very own financial audit on restaurant and snack food expenses over the period of a month or two.  It’s surprising how much the average person spends on fast food and snack food nasties through a period of a month or two.  This does not mean a total elimination of all these nasties.  Even cutting back on two thirds of these expenses can go a long way to not only stabilizing your budget, but preserving your life as well.  With morbid obesity and diabetes on the rise, it not only makes financial sense-but health sense as well.  At the grocery store, taking advantage of sales, bulk foods, family packs, coupons, rebate gift cards for purchases at certain points can help one live much more cheaply without so many huge sacrifices involved.

Additionally, quitting smoking saves a lot of money in a year.  This does not mean leading a boring and mundane existence.  You can live cheaply and still have a vice within reason and common sense.  For example, cutting back going to the casino, if one gambles.  Sensible cuts and reductions can be made in your lifestyle that doesn’t leave you bored to the point of exhaustion and not living a quality to life.  A little less here and there saves monies over time.  Your savings can only grow exponentially over time-leaving you ca

In fact, it doesn’t take a lot of huge sacrifices to live cheaply.  Many individuals are stuck in an endless competition with each other to get more and more increasingly expensive items, until they are at the point of financial exhaustion and intolerable debts.  This pushes them the wrong way to living cheaply-everything goes to the creditors-and little or nothing to them.  There are thrift stores, flea markets, yard and online sales where many not significantly worn or used items can be procured at a fraction of the cost.  Items like good athletic shoes can be procured for usually just a few dollars at thrift stores, and usually don’t show any significant wear.  For runners, walkers, and just the average Joe and Jane-it can mean huge savings in just a year. 

Not only can money be saved, but there are far less strains and stresses at their joints and back by wearing these very good shoes.  Comfort, good looks and strong shock absorption for a fraction of the cost.  Additionally, fairly decent used clothes can be bought, including many work outfits at a fraction of the cost at such places.

Also, usually fairly decent looking furniture, TVs, computers and other electronic conveniences, gadgets and devices can also be purchased for a fraction of the cost at such places.  With a continuously updated supply of second-hand goods being offered for sale by their sellers, the supply is guaranteed.  Some very good bargains can be found through such distributors, allowing one to live cheaply and still maintain a quality of life.  With many cable outlets offering steep deals on TV, telephone and Internet packages, a used computer with modern programs can be hooked up at a much lower cost. 

Like everything else in life, one has to shop around to find the best deals.  However, if one has the patience and perseverance, one can live a far more affordable lifestyle, and be able to save and have more monies if they choose to get something they really like that is far less impulse-driven (and beyond financial means and living).  Your savings, and physical/mental strength can only grow exponentially over time.  With one no longer locked in the endless and vicious competition-cycle with everybody else, and health levels stabilizing through less bad foods, smoking and drinking, your life can only continue to improve.