How to Lose a Double Chin

There are a number of ways on how to lose a double chin, so all is not lost in this area of beauty care. However, you need to take a look at the reason for your double chin in order to assess what the cause is and see which remedy suits you best.

The fact is that many people form a double chin due to aging. There are also other aspects; you might have a double chin at age 25 and think to yourself, why? You should take a look at family members; do they also have double chins? A double chin may be caused by aging, excess body fat or genetics. If your family is predisposed to have double chins, then the chances are that you have found the cause for yours.

To lose a double chin, several methods have been identified. Exercise, loss of excess fat, liposuction or plastic surgery and Velform chin wraps. Not everyone wants to go under the knife to lose a double chin, it is expensive and traumatic. So without going to see your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon, how are you going to lose yours?

Exercise – there are special exercises designed to lose a double chin. The muscle that runs up the neck and underneath the chin is called the platysma muscle and this can be exercised by various means. Of course it is better to exercise the entire body than just one muscle group. But these exercises many be incorporated into your daily routine.

•    Chin Ups – these are easily done and entail quite simply opening and closing your mouth. This movement tones up the double chin and you should be able to feel the platysma muscle tightening as you close your mouth. Twenty reps daily will help.
•    Chin Sit Ups – lie on your back, hold your head off the ground and make a nodding motion, as though you were saying yes to something, repeat this ten, times and then make a negative motion, as though you were saying no. You can repeat these as many times as you like, but be sure not to rest your head on the floor.

Both of these motions will tone up your double chin. If you are carrying excess weight, you will also need to lose some weight in order to see a change in the nature of your appearance. So grab an apple at snack time, not a Hershey bar!

The Velform chin wrap is also another good way to lose a double chin. This is a clinically tested product that re-firms the chin and reduces the appearance of sagging. The loose skin of the neck is one of the more difficult parts to remedy and this chin wrap molds the skin back to a more youthful look.

A double chin can be one of the more problem areas when it comes to beauty care. However if you apply exercise, diet and beauty products, you can achieve a more youthful looking countenance. This will leave you feeling confident and happier with your overall general appearance.