How to Lower Electric Costs in Cold Weather

There are many costs that go up in the winter and electricity is often one of them. Days are shorter which means the lights are on for longer and clothing is also heavier which means it is in the dryer longer. Are there some things that you can do yourself to cut the costs of electricity? You bet there are, here are a few tips to get you started.

Look for the cheapest carrier

In some states, you can choose who you get your electricity from. Shop around like you would for any other service. Don’t assume the carrier you have is even competitive, they may not be. This is a small change that can save you a lot of money. Use the Internet to help you do some research to find out which providers are available to you.

Turn down the temperature on the hot water heater

The temperature of your hot water heater should be 130 degrees. This temperature will allow the water to be safe from disease but is hot enough for anything you need except the dishwasher and in this case you may be able to heat the water more efficiently in the dishwasher itself. With the cold weather, the water is colder and takes longer to heat, lowering the temperature can mean lots of extra money in your pocket.

Water efficient shower head

Hot water is part of a great shower. You want to be warm and get clean and also to use the least amount of water. A water efficient shower head saves money on your electric bill, using less water means less water you have to heat. Since you will be using less water, if you are using a water provider you will save money there as well, this is one small change that can save you two ways.

Programmable thermostat

Especially if you have electric heat or if any part of your furnace uses electricity, a thermostat that controls your temperature  is important. You can set the timer on the thermostat so that when you are not at home your house will be cooler and also when the family is asleep. You don’t have to be cold in order to save on your electricity you just have to make sure you limit the usage to when you really need it.


Laundry is one of the biggest energy users in your home. By doing full loads of wash in cold water you can save a lot of money and if you can line dry at least some of your clothes that is another big saving. Try to wear some of the outer garments more than one time if possible and just spot clean any stains.  


Be sure that your house is well insulated. You don’t want the heat to escape or make your furnace work harder than necessary. Look for any leaks that you may have at your windows or doors. You can caulk your windows and door and also use plastic window sheets on any window that isn’t triple paned. Also be sure that your hot water heater is insulated, this can really help to keep the heat in the tank.

Efficient bulbs

Since the light bulbs will be burning longer in the winter, it is important  that you use the most efficient bulbs that you can. This is important because of the sheer volume of light that is necessary through the long dark winter months.

Winter is cold and dark and we want our homes to be warm and light. This takes a lot of electricity. By following these simple tips, you can decrease the amount of electricity that you use and save a significant amount of money without giving up any of the comfort we enjoy.