How to Lower Food Bills

Food bills can be expensive but eating is not something people can give up just because times are tough. There are many ways to lower food bills without having to resort to bland, tasteless food. With a little planning and imagination, lowering food bills can be a piece of cake.  Here are a few simple tips to lower your food bill: 

Before leaving for the store 

Having a meal plan, will give the shopper a good idea of the ingredients needing to be purchased. Writing a list before leaving for the store and sticking to it, is a great way to stop impulse buying. It’s a good idea to eat before shopping too as a person with a growling stomach is more likely to purchase items because of hunger rather than need.  Don’t forget to clip those coupons and take them along.

Shop smarter 

Consider ‘specials’ carefully. An item on special isn’t necessarily the cheapest; this just means the item is cheaper than it usually is. Check all the brands before deciding which to purchase. Many grocery stores offer their own brands and these can often be much cheaper than regular brands. Cheaper isn’t always best though. Try a small amount of a product and buy more next time if you like it. 

Many stores encourage shoppers to buy in bulk to save money. Again, this is not always the cheaper option. It’s a good idea to check the individual price of items because sometimes buying two items separately is cheaper than buying in bulk. 

Don’t forget to have coupons ready at the checkout and check off all items to the receipt before leaving the store. 

At home 

Planting a home garden involves a small cost to begin with but will save money in the long run. It doesn’t need to be a big garden; lettuces, radishes and tomatoes can be planted in pots and taste so much better than store bought vegetables.    

Don’t throw out leftovers. Freeze leftovers when practical or use the ingredients to make delicious soups, stocks and stews. 

Leave eating out for special occasions. Cooking at home will increase the grocery store bill but, decrease the amount spent on food eaten out of the home, in a big way.  

Also, prepare lunches for work and school at home and don’t forget to take a coffee from home too. 

Food bills don’t need to be expensive and complicated. Finding ways to experiment with food choices and different brands can have a huge impact on lowering food bills.