How to Lower your Heating Bills at no Cost

It might be difficult to imagine that there are zero cost ways to lower your heating bill, particularly as we have become accustomed to just cranking up the heating as Winter bites, in line with just buying what we want when the spirit moved us.  Now, however, when the economic climate is as chilly as deepest  December,  everyone is thinking more carefully before running up heating bills or spending unwisely.  Most zero cost ways are simple, old-fashioned common sense.  The first must be the oft-offered piece of advice to “Turn down your thermostat just a few degrees.”  You may need to wear a thicker sweater, or even to cuddle up on the sofa with a fleecy blanket and a good friend,  but you can surely find ways to keep warm  while lowering costs.

Babies and bathwater spring to mind as offering a zero cost way to lower your heating bill.  If you have to heat  and run a bath to bathe a baby or small children,  put them all in together, getting help from another adult if necessary.  Make sure to have plenty of towels at hand to dry up the spills.  Go further and use the water for a quick dip yourself, as how many babies or toddlers do you know who are really dirty?  This suggestion is a way to save energy, time, heating, cost and is a lot of fun.   In a similar vein, share a shower with a significant other.   With regards to that bathwater, do not pull the plug immediately and let  all the hot water out.   The heat from said hot water will warm up surrounding areas.

Cold gets in through nooks and crannies, so cover them up.  No need to buy expensive draught-excluders for your doors, which,  by the way, should fit nice and tight.  Instead, you can make your own by stuffing a leg of  pantyhose with rolled-up newspapers and placing them strategically at the bottom of your doors.  If you want to pretty them up a bit, sew on some button eyes, add a woolen smile and some cat ears, made with scraps of cloth.  There, a zero cost way to lower your heating bill while keeping warm being creative.

Windows, even double-glazed, lose heat, so the kind of curtains and drapes you use can help save on heating costs.  When Winter bites,  take  down thin curtains and make  sure you hang thicker,  heavier ones.  In really cold,  dire  circumstances, tack up blankets on the insides of windows at night,  then close those curtains as soon as dusk falls.  Keep that heat in.  On that point, shut internal doors and as many windows as possible, though do keep well ventilated.

Alter your heating timer to go off a little earlier and to come on a little later.  To combat the effects of the former, fill hot water bottles (heat pads) and put them in all  the beds, then add another top cover or blanket.  Use a heavy tog duvet as soon as Winter comes.  In the mornings, serve a hot breakfast and warm drink to all the family.  Porridge and wholemeal  toast with a hot milky drink, or scrambled eggs and bacon will warm everyone up without breaking the bank.

So, reduce thermostat,  lessen heating time,  use hot water wisely,  insulate,  cover up,  shut out the cold, eat  well, and  there  you have just a few zero cost ways to lower your heating bill.  With a little creative thinking,  you will probably come up with several  more good ideas on how to stay warm  and solvent during the Winter.