How to Make Extra Money with your Land without Selling it

Even without selling your land, you can still make some extra money from it.  What you do will depend on a variety of factors including what the city and municipalities allow as well as the type of land you have.  Consider the following money-making strategies.

Rent the land

Just like you rent a home, you can rent land.  There are many different reasons why someone might pay you to have the use of your land.  Someone may rent or lease land to be used to live on in something like an RV or mobile home.  Someone else might use it for a location for parties or weddings.  Also, someone might even use it to place a business on.  Think about the type of land and why someone might want it.  You can then advertise by placing ads in local newspapers or putting up fliers.  Include a picture of the land to help you get more interest.

Place billboards on it and make money off of the advertisements.

If your government allows it you might be able to sell billboard space on your land.  You can erect any size sign you are allowed to and sell the right to advertise there.  This might be more in demand if you live in a well-traveled area.  Make sure that you know all of the rules because some governments are very strict on this.  

Grow crops

If you live in an agricultural area and have the know-how then you might choose to grow crops on your land.  You could have your own little farm and then sell the products at farmer’s markets or to local stores.  You can have a small or a large operation.  Also, some people will let others grow crops on their land for a share of the money or a specific monthly rate.  You can even have different fruits growing such as strawberries, blueberries, apples and more and have people come and pick it themselves for a per pound rate.  In addition to food, you can sell other things that grow such as flowers.  Make sure that you do your research to know what will grow well and exactly how to plant and harvest the different crops.  

There are many different ways to make money off of your land without selling it.  Consider the above strategies when making your plans.